About UXUC

User Experience & Usability Consulting (UXUC) works with companies to create products and services that delight the people who use them. We are compulsive problem-solvers with excellent visualization, collaboration, and communication skills.

Our specialty has always been bringing clarity to complex situations. We know that “simple” isn’t easy and that a breakthrough user experience begins with a deep understanding of people. Our design and research methods focus our creativity, enabling us to uncover opportunities that fit your business and inspire your customers. We can work with you to shape a product vision, and help you express that vision with killer presentations and demos. When you’re ready to make it real, we can work out the details and guide implementation to keep everyone headed in the right direction!

Areas of expertise

Research + Strategy
Visual Design + Branding
Service Design + Prototyping


Our Works

This website shows an excerpt of our works created the recent years in collaboration with various agencies and clients...

    Visual Design

  • App Design

  • Web Design

  • Software Engineering


Our Musings

We design successful digital products by focusing on human goals.

At UXUC we are passionate about bringing transformative designs and ideas to the marketplace that positively impact people’s lives. Our skills include a combination of experienced interaction design, visual design and industrial design - offering expertise in fields related to everything from business and helath to education, art and finance...

We love to bring clarity to complex situations.

Our structured approach focuses our creative ideas on the right opportunities, providing a robust context for collaboration. We sequence our decisions in a meaningful way, so that clients are closely involved, well informed and able to plan with confidence for a successful product...

We work for your customers.

Designing the future means thinking big. Through facilitated workshops and targeted exploration, we push beyond the everyday to find those great experiences that delight users. We test the limits of the possible to help you find your next giant leap forward...

We create meaningful, smart and seductive experiences.

Great user experience is more than great screens. Users interact with a product or brand in a myriad of times and places. We take a system-level, goal-oriented approach to design the right experience for your users across the full spectrum of touchpoints ...


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UXUC is primarily responsible for invention, defining the concept direction, and generating ideas toward fruition. If this sounds interesting to you, check out our work or email for detailed portfolio and resume.

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Branding Design

Visual Brand Design is a unique opportunity to acquire hands-on competencies and in-depth knowledge on how to design the identity of a company and/or organization, by integrating graphic design skills with strategic thinking.

The concept of branding is moving away from the traditional idea:

+ of creating an “image” to represent the name and the values of a company, by exploring a broader view that incorporates several disciplines...

+ and from storytelling to consumers’ psychology and marketing techniques ...

Screen Design

Screen design is a method of how to design a screen effectively, which contains windows, input, interaction and perception.

It integrates digital technology potential with design sensitivity and business mindset to create interactive design products and solutions.

But it's not only the way how to arrange typography and images in a nice way, it's furthermore the whole development of intuitively navigation concepts and intelligent user interfaces as well as defining the grid and elements of web pages.

+ Prepared in collaboration with Golden Alligator Interactivities!


Why use icons? Design is all about communication: it doesn’t matter how important or exciting the information that you’re sharing is if you fail to hook your visitors.

When initially viewing a website, most users will first scan the page for visually interesting content, and only after something grabs their attention will they actually begin reading.

Icons are a simple, effective way to draw users into the content of your website. It should be used to draw attention to your content, not to diminish or replace it.

Corporate Materials

You have only a few seconds to attract the attention of your clients to your ideas! Even if you offer the best products and services in case your image does not express namely this, you may not be able to prove it.

We will you help you speak one language with your clients via creating of your image as a strong and proven company. Our designers make it easier for you to put down your ideas via a suitable form and colour. The design of your corporate materials will help you reassert your brand and make it even more popular.

Which ever sector you favour we would be pleased to consult you and will develop the concept that best meets your requirements and maximises your benefits.

Cake Bakery° /Product Configurator

Undoubtedly this is the sweetest and most aromatic app we have ever created! Inspired by the chocolate taste which was melting in combination with slight cream cheese cream we developed a real cake bakery configurator.

The App is designed to choose and create your own unique cakes by selecting step by step your ingredients.

It was implemented as a clickable HTML5 prototype.

Magazine App

This magazines app is a publishing platform for your digital content. It includes a web-based content management system, create flexible HTML 5 content and published the contents of a native app or a web app.

At long last, everyone is now in a position to build quick and easy his own online magazine.

+ Prepared in collaboration with Golden Alligator Interactivities!

Fuel Cell App /Control & Monitoring

The app is designed to optimize operational management to the life time of fuel cells for better control.

The program records the entire running of the activity and intervenes in if need be. Our aim was to combine ease of use with the possibility for professional use.

Therefore, the user interface uses a dashboard to which all essential information is summarized in a compact way.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors.

Responsive Design alone doesn't create great mobile experiences. We need to combine other ideas together to make mobile friendly, future friendly websites.

The way people interact on the web has fundamentally changed. Providing a great experience on mobile devices is critical for a successful website! Responsive Web Design is usually the most cost effective way to provide it; servicing both your mobile and desktop visitors with a single site. Ready to Jump In?

+ Prepared in collaboration with Golden Alligator Interactivities!

FRANKE/ Kitchensystems
B2B Online Shop

The style and innovation go hand in hand. Good usability, novel intuitive navigation structures, clarity in design and function as well as correct emotional appeal to the target group are the focus here.

This one of our favorite projects because we managed to create an interesting and unusual navigation which at the same time is easy and comfortable to users- for the special demands in the area of ​​procurement of spare parts.

The Visual Product Explorer is designed with help of detailed usability studies and workshops. Furthermore, a webshop stylguide was additionally created.

+ Prepared in collaboration with Sharis GmbH!

NextiraOne/ IT Communications B2B Online Shop

NextiraOne has a sales and service presence in 15 European countries and the USA. With over 60,000 customers, NextiraOne is a leading manufacturer-independent ICT integrators in Europe.

The biggest challenge for us was to successfully plan and organize the whole product range and information. We made design and development for the webshop which is equipped additionally by a content management system, so product managers can autonomously manage the whole content.

+ Prepared in collaboration with Sharis GmbH!

Dimension Data/IT Communications B2B Online Shop

Dimension Data believes in the power of technology to transform your organization, make things work better … and take your business to the next level.

After the acquisition of several companies, NextiraOne has now rebranded to Dimension Data.

The area-wide rebranding of the online shop is taking place now. It includes the complete adaptation of the new corporate identity as well as the look and feel of Dimensional Data.

Telekom/Microsites for Associations

For the online marketing microsites offer important advantages! In order to address members of several associations in particular, just a single click takes them to the corresponding microsite, which contains detailed information on each of the products.

You can draw and increase their awareness of the focused attention of visitors to individual marketing campaigns or on order or subscription forms. The user will not be so distracted on microsites by any other information or options.

Microsites ensure often for higher visitor numbers with the operator.

+ Prepared in collaboration with Sharis GmbH!

CMS /E-Business Online Store Management Software

Are you planning to create and launch a small web store to establish online presence for your small retail business? Perhaps you require an extensive online marketplace to manage several business departments?

This is a flexible E-commerce system for running a high-end web shop. Features include a template-based system for pages, a full content management system and a robust architecture that can process very large numbers of products, visitors pages and orders. There's also built-in integration with product content and payment providers.

Typical use cases

Catalog and Price Management

Order Management

Customer Accounts and Payment Handling

Logistics Management

Reporting & Business Intelligence

+ Prepared in collaboration with Sharis GmbH!

CMS /Quotation Tool
E-Business Platform

The quotation tool is well suited for companies that want to replace their existing manual process. This program is designed for the optimization of online sales process for complex products and services. In order to be quicker and safer, it can help to understand configuration options and capabilities for hardware and software products.

Typical use cases

Generate quickly offers & bundles

Take advantage of tool assistance to define step by step your offers

Created customized offers or place directly orders

+ Prepared in collaboration with Sharis GmbH!

MSD Animal Health Care
Online Sales Channel Consulting

MSD Animal Health has decided to launch the implementation of a web-based sales channel in several countries based on SAP web-experience.

The brief included everything from functional requirement to pleasant user experience, wireframing and layout editing, as well as different business cases for increase customer satisfaction.

+ Prepared in collaboration with Sharis GmbH!

SCRM /Social Customer Relationship Management

Expanding an CRM program into the social realm can profoundly impact your brand. This App is a complete, cloud-based, social media monitoring system that provides a variety of modules for businesses that want to implement social CRM and monitor the activity using CRM tools.

Typical use cases

Sales opportunities, identify prospective customers by listening to conversations where an intent to buy exists and send personalized offers by our quotation tool.

Community management, find-out how’s talking about you and where so that you can engage in the right conversations at the right time.

Real-time marketing opportunities, monitor trends, hashtags and events that might pose opportunities for you to engage with real-time marketing activities.

+ Prepared in collaboration with Sharis GmbH!